Issues and Resources

We are all one and our numbers are stronger than the money of the elites

We are often called to duty or action based on what we experience or what we witness.  Whatever calls you, how do make the most effective change?  Even when we are called to focus on a single issue, we can do it with a holistic approach that does not harm other issues or peoples of any species.  In fact, we can often do it in a way that includes others even if it is just in an opening statement before proceeding to our focus.  If we can do that, then our allies will grow and the net good we do will be boundless. 
Diversity is a beautiful thing.  Species thrive because of biodiversity.  Human collectives thrive because of cultural diversity. 
As our Ethical Earthling Society grows so will the issues we address.  We build the Ethical Earthling Society together.  
So much of what we think about these issues is impacted by corporate influence over media, politics and our government.  We try to overcome the biases that our upbringing and corporate influence creates so that the global majority can work together to advance our mutual interests.  You may not be able to do everything, but everyone can do something.  Here are links to issues.  We hope you will be informed and inspired.  (site under construction, links not created yet)

Food and Water Justice
Materials Justice
Labor Justice
Habitat and Housing Justice
Science and Research Justice
Entertainment Justice
Trafficking Justice